Culinary Translation

French and Spanish to English translation services in the food sector

I offer “farm-to-table” translation services:

  • Recipes and cookbooks, including adaptations for US cooks (see my publications page for examples of books I’ve translated)
  • Restaurant and food company websites, blogs and social media posts
  • Menus
  • Journalistic-style food writing
  • Product packaging and labels
  • Culinary tour materials
  • Agriculture and agronomy texts, including scientific articles

 Get in on a growing trend

Tourists and consumers around the world are increasingly seeking out unique food products, traditions and experiences. I know from my own travels that both France and Spain are treasure troves for culinary enthusiasts. A significant proportion of the potential customers in the food and drink sector are English speakers, and they are drawn by compelling stories. Top quality translations of your food and drink texts are thus essential for successfully tapping into this vast potential market.

Why me?

As you can see on my food blog, Bread and Onions, I am passionate about food and cooking. I love experiencing and telling stories about the unique food traditions and trends in France and Spain. I put this zeal to work to create enticing culinary translations that express the passion and artistry you put into your creations.

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